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I am a reliable and experienced Life Coach, who specialises in working with individuals and professionals who are ready to be empowered and make positive life changes. I believe each of us deserves to live more awake, happy, and beautiful life. Feel free to contact me with any questions, and learn how to reach your full potential.


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What would you do if you weren't afraid?

My passion is to help you overcome the fear of seeking a promotion, a new job or even start your own business.  Let your passion and interests do factor in achieving a successful and fulfilling job.  That is what will bring you real work/life balance

How many times have you thought of moving on with your job even looked at job websites – then whilst reading the job and person specification think that you’re not good enough to go for that job; that you won’t have any chance to even get an interview let alone being offered the job?  

The fear of rejection, judgement and change creep into your mind and very quickly decide that at least you have a job, it pays your bills and at the end of the day is actually not really that bad.

“I need to have more experience.  I need to have more contacts.  I need to have more knowledge of that industry.  I need have absolutely everything figured out before I can even start thinking of getting a new job! I must wait! I’m sure everyone else thinks I need to wait!  So I’ll wait!

Is any of the above you?  You see, I know those thoughts because I was there once.  I had a good job, I enjoyed working in my office, being with my work colleagues, had a buzz meeting new people, organising new partnerships…….And yet, my mind wasn’t completely with the job, I wanted something else, needed something else….. But what? and how could I change jobs at my age, what else could I do, how could I start afresh? 

Anxiety and depression took hold of me – I couldn’t think, let alone apply for new jobs, write an application form and sell myself……… And something clicked in my head, ‘it’s all a lie!’…. This is not the only way, I want to be happy now, not some day – that might never happen.  

Then I jumped and guess what?  Today I can coach YOU to find the job YOU really want, your passion, what makes you happy and accomplished.  What will allow you to achieve full potential in your job and potential career.

Are you ready to explore your options, passion and interests; overcome your fear of ‘what next’ and find out your real path to success?

If your answer is Yes, book your discovery session and find out what it

would be working together.  I cannot wait to share the new journey you are about to begin.



What Clients Have Said

I give each client an opportunity to re-examine their path in life. Clients who finish one of my sessions come away satisfied and with an improved mindset in managing challenges and pursuing goals. I take pride in reading my clients’ testimonials and learning how I’ve helped to change their outlook on life. Check out some of their experiences below and contact me to add yours!

Contact me for more testimonials and to schedule a coaching session.


Dena Giselle

I am a mindfulness and meditation coach and I coach clients online in becoming an upgrated version of themselves. But sometimes even a coach needs a coach! Enter Carmen. The moment we met online, I felt a click and an amazing connection. I was talking to a kindred spirit across the pond. I felt energized after the first session and soon enough, one session turned into a weekly online meeting. I keep having one transformative session after another with Carmen. During our video calls, a very soft spoken and kind hearted coach pops up on my screen. She has a beautiful smile and an infectious laughter. You can’t help but feel good and look forward to the next one. I have been able to finally talk about some deep seated fears and I worked through the motions. Through the sessions Carmen helped me to transform the way I thought about this particular situation and I overcame my fears. I am very thankful to Carmen for our weekly meetings and I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone who feels drawn to coaching sessions ~ Dena Giselle (Mindfulness & Meditation Coach in Dutch Caribbean)

"If you can believe in You and you can believe in me, we can change your world together"


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